Available for Pre-School Ages and School Ages

This is a tumbling program for pre-school children ages 3 to 5 (can be younger - but must be potty trained), and kids of school age.  Coordination, body awareness and self confidence, are developed within this program.

Tumbling progression program - as each skill is learned new challenges are added so students continue to learn at their own pace, session after session. Below shows the progression we teach, there are two list, one for older preschool and school age then another for younger preschool/ transitional. 

Students are to wear comfortable clothing and gym shoes. They may change if they need to. If wearing a dress to school please make sure you child has on shorts underneath!






Tumbling Terms/ Progression:

school age and preschool

  High frog jump/ straight jump

  Straddle jump

  One foot balance

  Donkey kick

  Bunny Hop

  Tuck jump

  One leg hop

  Crab walk

  Back Bend: A tumbler spreads the legs shoulder width and put your hands straight up by your ears. Look up at your hands and bend your back, Look for the ground, and try to put your hands really close to your feet. Once they hit the ground, your there! This is a very important steppingstone skill


  Bridge: This is often used as a limbering exercise for back and shoulder flexibility. The body is in a backward arch with hands and feet flat on the floor. The better bridges will show the shoulders directly above the hands or pushing past the hands if the tumbler has very flexible shoulders.

  Bridge w/ one leg up

  Cartwheel: A tumbler turns sideways from a standing position, to a handstand, and then back to a standing position. Also said to be a lateral handspring with arms and legs extended

  L stand

  3/4 Handstand

  Handstand against wall

  Hand Stand: A straight body inverted position where the arms of the athlete are extended straight by the head and ears

  Rebound: The move where a tumbler, after landing a tumbling move pushes up with the feet to prepare to do another tumbling move.

  Round-off: The move where a tumbler turns sideways from a standing position, to a handstand, and then snaps the legs together and lands feet together in a standing position.

  Walk over: A gymnastic feat in which the body is bent forward or backward from an upright position, the hands are placed on the floor, and the legs are arced one after the other over the hands to finish in a standing position.

  Back Roll: A very basic flip on the ground, just tuck into a ball and roll backwards

  Front Roll: A very basic flip on the ground, just tuck into a ball and roll forwards

  Front Limber: Go into a handstand, then fall into a backbend

  Back Handspring: A tumbler jumps backwards onto the hands, followed by a quick push from the hands to the feet. Also know as flip-flop or flick-flack


Younger Preschool/ Transitional

Tumbling Progression:

Bunny Hop

Frog Hop

Bear Crawl

Crab Crawl

Donkey Kick

Straight Jump

Tuck Jump

Star/ Straddle Jump

Pike Jump

1 leg hop



Walk straight line

        curved line

        zig zag line

Walk Balance beam 

  • forward

  • side ways

  • backwards

  • bear walk

  • L kick

  • side kicks

  • passe walk

  • tippy toe

  • crossover

Catch ball w/ both hands

Catch ball w/ one hand

Throw ball into

  • hoolahoop

  • basket

  • to teacher

  • to friend

Bounce ball and catch​

Throw ball into air and catch

Log roll

Forward roll

Straddle roll

Backwards roll

Head stand

L stand

3/4 handstand

Table top