M&M wants to ensure that all children are having fun while learning within a safe atmosphere. We believe it is the child’s responsibility to pay attention, try hard, and have fun. However, we know that not everyone behaves well all the time. For this reason we have created a “Peace-Out” mat that is used in all of our classes. A child who is misbehaving or becomes a disruption to the rest of the class will be warned one time to behave properly. After the first warning the bad behavior continues the child will be instructed to sit on the “peace-out” mat, until they are ready to re-join the class. The instructor will talk with the child regarding why they are sitting there and why their behavior was unacceptable. If the bad behavior continues after the child has been put on the “peace-out” mat, they will be taken back to their classroom, to the director’s office, or to the appropriate authority at the child's school or daycare. The instructor will also speak with that child's parent or guardian personally to inform them of that days events.