M&M Creator

Melissa has definitely made her mark in the cheer and dance world! She host 3 cheer and dance competitions in Sedalia, MO called State Fair Spirit Classic. Melissa is also a top sells rep for Rebel Athletic, a couture uniform company. 

Melissa was born in Missouri where she took dance from Jennifer Wilson and did high school cheer. After she graduated Melissa moved to Texas!

A year later her pride and joy was introduced to the world, a little girl named Maegan Shea!

Three years after Melissa decided to audition for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader team and she made it!!! After one amazing season with the Cowboys Melissa moved back to MO to be closer to family and start a family of her own. 

Head Director & Instructor

Maegan has been in the cheer dance world since she was 3, when her mom auditioned and made America's team The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders! Since then Maegan has done side line cheer, all-star cheer, competitive dance, school dance, show choir, and pageants. 

A year after her family moved back to Missouri to be closer to family. When she turned 8 her mom decided to open and cheer and dance studio called Melissa's DCA STARS.

When Maegan turned 12 her mom decided to have her help with cheer, dance, and tumbling classes at the gym her mom owned. And Maegan loved it! She then started choreographing cheer solos for some of the athletes and even put together a jazz routine for the dance team. 

In high school Maegan helped choreograph the homecoming and court warming routines her freshmen year then was awarded as getting to be a dance captain her sophomore year! While attending school in Sedalia, MO every Tuesday and Thursday Maegan would drive an hour and a half to CPAC in Columbia,MO. CPAC is an amazing dance studio in Columbia that pushes their dancers to be the best and get to experience amazing dance choreography and instructors. 

After Maegan graduated from Smith Cotton High she packed up and moved down to the Lone State! Since moving here in 2011 Maegan has coached all-star cheer around the DFW area. She also attends pro dance classes to hopefully one day become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader like her mom! Maegan loves to share her love of cheer and dance and give them the best experience!


Web & Marketing Designer

Shawn Margaret Crouch is our lead Marketing and Designing Director for everything encompassed with M&M. She is taking this Mother, Daughter duo and expanding our family by reaching out to new clients and companies. 

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